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The following Family Services are available for help at School or in the Home:

Family Support Services

Strengthen families and support them in their movement towards health and self-reliance by providing assistance in the home and in the community.

Respite Care Services:

Short-term, temporary relief for those caring for a youth or young adult with developmental disabilities to enhance the stability and nurturing opportunities of those families. Respite Care Services are seven days a week and Staff are experienced to work with any child or teen with challenging behaviors. 
Saturday Mini-Day Campsare offered on Saturdays 9am to 3pm to help parents with respite
needs while their children are supported with day-time community events and community activities. The rates are $17.46 hr pick-up times can be per-arranged at your home or one of our pick-up locations with in the community.   


Positive Behavioral Support

Provide the support necessary to help individuals with challenging and/or disruptive behaviors using in-depth assessments and positive behavioral support plans based on the strengths and needs of each person.

Student Assistance Program

A school-based intervention approach to provide students with the tools and support they need to overcome their barriers so that they may achieve, remain in school, and advance.

Life Skills Coaching Services

A future-focused practice with the aim of helping individuals learn techniques that improve decision making skills, promote positive thinking, and develop interpersonal skills.

Mental Health Support Services

Treatment and support services that assist young adults with achieving and maintaining community stability through teaching and reinforcement of independent living skills, as well as identifying and using other resources in the community. 


Hopeful Hands' Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach, strives to teach social, verbal and motor adaption, as well as reasoning skills. ABA uses careful, in-depth behavioral observation, positive reinforcement and prompt pyramids to teach each step of a wanted, positive behavior. Undesirable behaviors, or those that interfere with academic and personal growth, are monitored closely with the goal to eradicate unexpected outcomes.

Our service continuum has included psychological assessments, outpatient (individual and family therapy) services, intensive home-based services, adolescent day treatment, case management/care coordination, therapeutic aide and social rehabilitative services; geared toward youth and families with autistic spectrum disorder

Hopeful Hands' program philosophy of care, seeks to empower clients through a provision of services that are individualized, child and family-centered, strengths-based, and flexible to changing needs with an emphasis on self-sufficiency.





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