Who We Are


Our Vision & Focus

The mission of Hopeful Hands Behavioral Health is to improve

the quality of life for individuals and families

in need. Hopeful Hands assists families and

youth by providing interventions and support

services to them with the goal of

becoming healthy, happy, and successful


We Are Growing!


Hopeful Hands, Inc. has received licensure by the State of Washington to be a Licensed Behavioral Health Company. This will allow us to increase our available services and expand into the field of treating mental health and addictions. We are excited to continue providing services to help support our local communities, and to enrich the lives of everyone with a caring, empathetic, and collaborative approach. 



We Are Hiring!

Hopeful Hands, Inc., is hiring for inquires about school/camp based positions send your resume to admin@hopeful-hands.com and include your location. 

For inquires about clinic based positions send your resume to hayley@hopeful-hands.com

Our Practice


Our Health Mission

Experience and Professionalism

Experience and Professionalism

Our experienced Behavioral Health professionals put your needs first. We are proud to provide high quality care, exceptional patient service, behavioral expertise, and commitment to health and wellness for all our clients. 


Experience and Professionalism

Experience and Professionalism

Experience and Professionalism

 Our staff are trained to implement Applied Behavioral Analysis. Each employee is required to obtain their Registered Behavioral Technician Certificate, which is a NCCA Accredited program. All employees will then become a State Certified Behavioral Technician (CBT) by the State of Washington. Our employees maintain a high level of training and continued education to ensure the proper level of care for our clients. 


A Provider Who Cares

Experience and Professionalism

A Provider Who Cares

Our goal as Behavioral Professionals is to enhance the lives of those with special needs or personal struggles. We work in all areas of our client's life, including school, at home, and in their communities to design effective environments where teaching and learning can occur. With years of experience, our Behavioral Health team will assess your needs and create a treatment plan that's right for you. We understand the importance of knowing your options regarding the most effective treatment for you, from ABA services to Mental Health Services.