Camp Services

Camp Cost


Flat rate of 18:16 hour 

Cost of camp is by day. 

  • One day of camp services $145.28
  • Two days of camp services $290.56
  • Three days of camp services $435.84
  • Four days of camp services $581.12
  • Five days of camp services $726.40

Summer Camp


July 8th to August 28th

Monday to Friday 

830 am to 330 pm

ages 5-23 years of age.

Professional trained Staff


Staff are trained in the art of ABA and Behavioral Health. The majority of staff are over the age of thirty. Parents will be working with staff who have to ability to meet the child's need in a mature and professional manner. 

Staff are able work with the most 

Challenging  behavior's and work with all ages.  Camps are  broken into units to best meet the clients needs.    

Out and About in our Communites.



  Each day of camp is a different field trip to locations in various local communities.  The  Aquarium is a great place to visit sea life in its natural environment.

Generate excitement


  Our staff works year-round in schools. During school breaks, day camps ensure that the children and youth we serve have the opportunity to excel in school and enjoy the same out of school activities that all children enjoy.


We take trips to the Zoo, MPop, Movies, the bowling alley, Seattle Center,  Spray parks and other fun places each day. 

Out in the real world doing real world activities


 Our program in not center based so we have no “screen time” with TVs, video games or being stuck inside all day like other camp models. 

We participate in being active and being out in our community. Visiting our great communities of the Northwest and building upon social and life long skills.